Unfiled Returns – Back Taxes Canada and US

Our Accountant firm in Mississauga and Toronto specializes also in filing multiple years of taxes both with CRA and the IRS


If you were employed and have lost T4 and RRSP slips there is no problem. We can easily retrieve them from the CRA. The important thing is that you file immediately especially if you owe money or are entitled to certain benefits.

Arbitrary Assessments

CRA can assess years of unfiled taxes and even commence legal action against your assets such as RRSP’s, home and even garnish your wages. Solution is to file immediately.

Self Employed?

If you were self employed and have not filed for years and the CRA has not contacted you then you can qualify for the Voluntary Disclosure Program to avoid penalties. If you made over $30,000 per year in sales then you may also be required to have charged HST/GST.

Our accountant firm in Mississauga can assist you to quickly to resolve these issues. Back taxes and unfiled returns can be cause of tremendous stress. Our year’s of experience will help it go away. We also make arrangements with CRA for payment plans to resolve tax debts.

US unfiled Returns – IRS

Depending on your citizen and residency status, green card, etc if you have tax return obligations with IRS we can help under different programs like streamlining that deals with more than 3 years of outstanding filings. Foreign Assets reporting is also a requirement of the IRS. Our team has over 35 years of experience in this area.