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Accounting Services for Optometrists in Mississauga, Toronto, Ottawa, London

Keep your focus on your patients while we provide a clear view of your finances. Let us help with our professional accounting services for optometrists. As one of the leading practices for optometrists, we offer all the tax solutions that you need. We help to manage your taxes as well as maintain organized financial records.

Whether you are an associate or the practice owner, we can help. So, contact our team today for an experienced accountant for optometrists in Mississauga, Toronto, Ottawa, London.

How Our Accountant for Optometrists in Mississauga, Toronto, Ottawa, and London Can Help

Incorporation & Holding Companies

Work with our team to structure your company properly from the start. This will certainly help you as your practice grows and gains value. In fact, proper structuring will help to qualify you for exemptions for capital gains up to $850,000. Our team can also help setup holding companies to avoid potential tax triggers as you grow.

Full Accounting Services

As your practice grows, it’s important to keep organized accounting records. Our professionals will help to keep your personal and business finances separate while also maintaining clear reporting. Our team also handles the complexities of payroll and financial statements.

Tax Services

Tax Planning: Our team will help you evaluate strategies such as income splitting and salary versus dividends. We will also map out shareholder loans. If you want to buy properties in Canada, then we will structure for optimal tax planning. In short, we help you to mitigate tax risks and avoid tax triggers.

Tax Filing: We will file all necessary tax returns for your company, including HST. Our experience absolutely ensures that you follow all CRA guidelines. You will also have easy access to your online CRA account for reference.

Buying or Selling Your Practice

Growth and development are exciting. However, it comes with a multitude of financial responsibility. Therefore, we are here to evaluate your practice and help you make decisions that are of highest benefit. If you want to buy or sell a practice, then we will work to provide you with an accurate picture of value.

Specialized Accounting Services for Optometrists

Whether you are a sole proprietor or incorporated, we can certainly offer help. We are fully qualified and experienced to provide you with specialized assistance. You can expect the following packages depending on your legal filing status.

Sole proprietors (non-incorporated – professional returns)

  • Electronic T1 (professional personal tax return) filing
  • Tax saving strategies (RRSP) and allowable expenses and deductions.
  • Dealing with CRA inquiries and reviews
  • Open communication with accountant
  • Electronic cloud bookkeeping (separation of professional vs. personal expenses)
  • Pro-active vs. end of year

Incorporated Optometrists

  • Complimentary Electronic T1 (personal tax return) filing
  • Electronic T2 (corporate tax return) filing
  • Financial statements (notice to reader)
  • HST returns
  • Dealing with CRA (audits, reviews) with online access
  • Tax strategies – payroll vs. dividend, shareholder loans, maximizing allowable deductions, personal vs. business split
  • Access to accountant throughout the year
  • Proactive management of your practice

With our team, you will receive a tailored solution for your unique needs. We are dedicated to providing you the best solutions for your growth and success. Contact our team today to learn more about our accounting services for optometrists.

How can we help you?

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I was very sceptical about incorporating as a dental associate and Asad helped me learn about the benefits and I have not looked back. I highly recommend Dentists to reach out.

Dr. Susan
Associate Dentist

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