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As a business owner, it can be easy to miss important details on your taxes. You have many different necessary tasks vying for your attention throughout the day. You need a professional tax preparation services company to take one more important responsibility off your plate.
CRA compliance and transparent reporting of business and personal expenses is necessary for the success of your business. Our experts help corporate owners like you comply with the necessary but intricate tax returns process.
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Our Tax Return Services Mississauga, Toronto, Ottawa, and London

We have dedicated professional tax accountants to help you with corporate tax preparation. Our experts ensure that your taxes are filed accurately and on time.

Corporate Tax Returns

We ensure your annual T2 corporate tax return is filed no later than six months after the end of each tax year as per the CRA requirements. To avoid penalties and interest, any tax payments must be made within three months after year end. We can also help with selecting your appropriate year end filing date.

Zero Returns & Final Returns

Even if your company had no income, a zero return must still be filed for reporting purposes. Also, if you wish to dissolve your corporation or partnership, then you will need to file the correct final returns. Our team can help you stay on track with proper filing to avoid unnecessary penalties.

Corporate Tax Installments

Tax Installments for your company are calculated at the end of your first year in business. They are then due three months after year end. For your second year and beyond, these should be paid monthly or quarterly. We help you stay on track to avoid interest and penalties.

Payroll Tax Filing

Your company must complete all employee T4 and T5 filing by the end of February every year. Additionally, the payroll deductions are due on the 15th of the following month. On time filing helps you avoid unnecessary penalty expense. Our professionals can help you with proper calculations and accurate filings.
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