Yes there is. You and your spouse maybe eligible for up to $80,000 worth of tax free income (Personal) per year payable from the corporation. Ask us how and save thousands.

Yes it can. You can take life insurance out for all the shareholders of the corporation. Special rules apply.

Yes it can thru dividends if you make them shareholders. Speak to us about these options.

Yes you can and the corporation can own vehicles which are used by directors. There are conditions from the CRA in terms of car logs, personal versus business use.

We at Dean & Associates take over all your bookkeeping, financial statements and personal and corporate tax returns, dealing with CRA for both personal and corporate. We make it very simple for you to maintain your accounting and tax obligations without having to worry about administering this part of your business.

We Educate our Clients to understand Tax and Accounting Masters so they can better manage and understand and save money in a Tax-Efficient Manner.