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Medical Professionals

We at Dean & Associates Accounting specialize in the Medical Professional field that includes Doctors, Specialists, Psychiatrists, Veterinarians and Dentists.


Medical Professionals (Doctors, Dentists, Pharmacists), Small & Mid-size Companies
Trades Companies (Plumbers, Roofing, etc).

Tax Consulting

At Dean & Associates Accounting we will take care of your needs from the time of incorporation including tax structures to include your family members for income tax splitting purposes.


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1 Assign: Estates dictate the distribution of your remaining assets upon your death. Thus, when planning your estate, make sure to carefully consider and assign who gets what to maximize the usefulness of the estate planning process.

2 Insurance: While the state does tax estate money, they do not tax insurance money.

Lower Tax Rates

Medical Professionals are in the highest income tax bracket, paying over 45%. By incorporating your medical business you can take advantage of a lower corporate tax rate of 15%

Tax Free Dividends

Annually, you and a spouse could be eligible for as much as $70,000 a year ...