Asad DeanCPA, CMA

Accounting & Tax Advisory Services

Corporate Tax filing (Canada and United States)
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Personal Tax Filing (Back Taxes, complex filings)
US Personal Tax Filings (Multiple Years)
CRA Audit (HST, Personal, Corporate)
CRA Debt Collections
Tax Minimization Strategies
Primary Residence Matters (Canada and International)
Estate Planning, Will Execution & Death Taxes
Tax Filing for Non-Residents of Canada and New Immigrants
Filing Taxes for back years and application of Voluntary Disclosure Program (Canada)
FBAR (IRS reporting of Assets for multiple years)
Corporate Taxes – Medicine, Business & Investment Corporations

Asad has over 19 years of experience in the finance and accounting field. Prior to starting his own practice he worked for leading fortune 500 companies that included Pfizer, Sanofi-Pasteur, Kraft foods and Loblaws group. His experience includes extensive work and specialization with tax planning for Medical Professionals, Small to Medium Business owners, and Death & Estate taxes. Asad also is an expert in constructing and submitting business plans for financing of Dental and Medical practices and small to medium size businesses. He works with a team of bankers, lawyers (business and tax) , and financial advisors to meet the clients needs. He also manages non-resident returns and both emigrating and immigrating tax compliance matters with foreign income reporting and non-residents with Canadian real estate properties. He works with the US tax side for cross border compliance for both corporations and personal tax situations. He has handled several CRA audits for HST, personal and Corporate matters including tax court. Asad established Dean and Associates accounting as a firm to provide a wide range of services with high level expertise and customer service. Asad has an extensive business network and is a active member of Board of Trades, Non-Profit organizations and advocacy groups for entrepreneurs.

Asad enjoys a number of sports. He is a TFC, Raptors and Manchester United fan. Asad is fluent in English, Urdu / Hindi and conversational Arabic.

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Our Medical clients include Doctors, Surgeons, Psychiatrists, Veterinarians, Chiropody, Dentists and Pharmacists and Medical Clinics. Our small business clients include I.T Consultants, Shipping and Transportation, Security Companies, Educational Providers, Trade Companies (Plumbing, Electrical, and Roofing), Telecom, Cell Phone Providers, Fashion Boutiques, Health and Fitness Facilities & Fire and Safety.

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I have worked with Asad and team for 2 years now. Asad and his team are professional, competent and always very responsive. Without hesitation, I have recommended his team to others and would continue to do so.

Cyrus Durzi
Executive Professionally incorporated Consultant

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