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Accounting Services for Chiropodists

Your valuable expertise helps your patients to put their best foot forward. Stay focused on your practice and let us help with accounting services for chiropodists.
Let us help you be your best as a business owner. Our goal is to help advance your practice through effective financial management. Our team of accounting specialists will help you stay organized and comply with all tax requirements. So, don’t walk alone on your business journey.
Instead, contact us today for specialized accounting for chiropodist in Toronto, Mississauga, Ottawa, London.

Accounting for Chiropodist in Toronto, Mississauga, Ottawa, London

Incorporation & Holding Companies

Work with our team to maximize your business growth by setting up the appropriate corporation status. We will work closely with lawyers to facilitate all the necessary steps. Our team can also work with you to setup holding companies to facilitate new purchases. This well help you to avoid unexpected taxes.

Full Accounting Services

We provide cloud-based bookkeeping that allows you to track and monitor your income and expenses. This creates the solid information that you need on hand to make financial decisions as well as strategic tax planning. Our team can also provide your financial statements and manage payroll.

Tax Services

Tax Planning: We use our extensive experience to help you gain the most benefit from your tax filing. We review for possible strategies such as income splitting, salary vs. dividends, and much more. We also make efforts to help you avoid any tax triggers.

Filing Returns: Let our professionals take care of filing all of your CRA obligations. We take care of your annual corporate returns as well as your HST returns. We ensure that everything is filed on time and according to CRA requirements. You will maintain full access to your online account with CRA for easy access.

Buying or Selling Your Clinic

When it’s time to expand or sell your clinic, let our experts help. Our team can help you with practice evaluations as well as completing credit applications for large purchases. We are diligent at considering every detail to understand your business and its true value. Don’t jump into a big purchase without a thorough evaluation. Let us help you make smart decisions before making a sale or purchase.

Specialized Solutions: Accounting Services for Chiropodists

Our team can help whether you are an incorporated chiropodist or a sole proprietor. We have the experience to provide you with the unique expertise that you need for your tax situation. We offer the following packages dependent on your legal filing status.

Sole proprietors (non-incorporated – professional returns)

  • Electronic T1 (professional personal tax return) filing
  • Tax saving strategies (RRSP) and allowable expenses and deductions.
  • Dealing with CRA inquiries and reviews
  • Open communication with accountant
  • Electronic cloud bookkeeping (separation of professional vs. personal expenses)
  • Pro-active vs. end of year

Incorporated Chiropodists

  • Complimentary Electronic T1 (personal tax return) filing
  • Electronic T2 (corporate tax return) filing
  • Financial statements (notice to reader)
  • HST returns
  • Dealing with CRA (audits, reviews) with online access
  • Tax strategies – payroll vs. dividend, shareholder loans, maximizing allowable deductions, personal vs. business split
  • Access to accountant throughout the year
  • Proactive management of your practice

Get the Professional Accounting Services That You Need to Succeed

We have over 14 years of experience across a variety of medical fields. So, let us manage the finances for your practice. Your dedicated accountant will ensure that you comply with the CRA and IRS for all tax requirements.

Keep your focus on doing what you do best. Care for the feet of your patients and let us work to care for organizing your finances and filing your taxes.
Call our team today to learn more about our accounting services for chiropodists.

How can we help you?

Our Medical clients include Doctors, Surgeons, Psychiatrists, Veterinarians, Chiropody, Dentists and Pharmacists and Medical Clinics. With over 14 years of experience and 100’s of medical professionals we are a leading practice in Ontario.

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I was very sceptical about incorporating as a dental associate and Asad helped me learn about the benefits and I have not looked back. I highly recommend Dentists to reach out.

Dr. Susan
Associate Dentist

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